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These Spring Floral Cakes are Amazing

These are some of the most amazing and inspiring Spring cakes we've ever seen. With such an impressive display of vibrant color and texture, it's hard to imagine they are edible. This impressive collection of Spring floral cakes was shared by and will treat your eyes to some real eye-candy - actually, eye-cake. Which cake is your favorite? Cake 1 Cake 2 Cake 3 Cake 4 Cake 5 Cake 6 Cake 7 Cake 8 Cake 9 Cake 10 Thank you again to our friends at for sharing these amazing creations.

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Can a Cat Really Take the Best Selfies?

We might need a selfie stick to get the best pics on our phones, but what about a cat? These cute cat selfies shared by show a talented feline with a gift for the classic selfie. Meet Manny and his amazing selfies. Does that make the dogs photo-bombers?!?   The Amazing, Folding Selfie Stick Case. Click Here!             Special Thank you again to for sharing these gems.  The Amazing, Folding Selfie Stick Case. Click Here!

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Creative Lego Uses At Home

Legos are far more functional than we give them credit for. The clever folks at have outlined 10 creative and practical household uses for Lego bricks. Just about every Lego brick enthusiast can appreciate this. Are you a Lego brick head? What other practical uses can you think of? Pickup your very own Brick Head Coffee Mug, Click Here! Most of us think of LEGO as toys, but there are actually a lot of practical ways you can use these plastic bricks in your everyday life. LEGO produced their first plastic brick in 1947, but their limitless construction capabilities...

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